TPMS does not work
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TPMS does not work

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One of the main reasons I got he FJ digitalk dash was the TPMS but it does not work=k after a fresh install. The sole Australian distributor, EC Offroad,  told me at the dash install via 2 different people that it was automatic pairing & I simply needed a tire installer to mount the valves. After I paid for tire installer place to place them in tires for $133 + get tires re-balanced as instructed by EC, nothing works. I just see dotted lines where PSI should be. Going through the menus for the 2 TPMS pariring and setup simply does nothing... Very disappoiting as 2 phone calls to Ec Offroad sees them seem to say we will get back to me & they have not in 10 days, the Canadian manufactirer is not replying to my email either. There is no webpage with setup instructions for TPMS I can find? I can't believe the lack of support

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