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[Solved] Horn constant when entering or break pedal pressed before key is inserted

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Having an odd issue and was hoping someone has experienced the same and has a solution.  2008 Jeep Wrangler X 2-dr, manual transmission, manual windows, manual door locks, base model.  

The J-Pro and dome light turn off immediately instead of the 45sec delay once the key is removed.  The radio stays on for 45sec as expected.  When unlocking the door, upon opening the door the dome light comes on and the horn starts to continuously honk until I put the key in and the J-Pro starts to turn on.  I have disconnected the doors and can now enter the Jeep without the horn going off.  Once in the Jeep if I hit the break pedal the horn starts blaring again until the key is inserted.  

I was wondering if any one else has experienced this.  The Jeep has no bells or whistles like more expensive trim.  If I plug the original instrument cluster back in everything works as expected.

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