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Carobotor LC200 Digi Dash

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Hi I have run this past my supplier in OZ.

2008 LC200 - L & R Buttons on Steering.

I received the Sport Dash (Think the Classical might have been better, shame it cannot do both)

Dash is not reading correctly for:

1. Fuel Gauge is only reading 3/4 when filled. Even if filled to lip.

2. Pitch is fully inclined - Roll and steering perfect.

3. Fuel consumption not reading correctly, sits at 49.9l/100km

4. System keeps saying it's Gasoline and will not hold Diesel selection.


I have sent a contact request to Carobotor questioning, instructions with install - no response.

Instructions fall short when installing into an 08-15 model.

Do you re-connect the 24P interface

Do you use the Canbus cable as well as the 13P interface cable or just one, if so which one.


Is there a reset option to start all over again?

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