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Carobotor LC200 Digital Dashboard Complain

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I wrote a complain about an order but no one replied from Carobotor. May be someone can help.

I have ordered Carobotor LC200 Digital Dashboard for my 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser with specifications below which is shipped from China! Unfortunately after installation of the dashboard, gaps occured between the dashboard. Please see the photos.

Do you think is there any missing frame with the dashboard or could someone explain these gaps shown on the photos. I think there is a missing frame which should close those marked places.

Product Name:                       Carobotor LC200 Digital Dashboard
Advanced options:                 Classical
Year:                                       2008-2015
Dashboard PIN types:             24P&28P
Steering Wheel Types:           C, Have left and right buttons 

Thank you in advance.


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