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Dash is mis-reading Turn Assist Mode.

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Dash was just purchased a month ago and installed fine. I noticed, however, that the dash is mis-interpreting Turn Assist Mode as being on all the time, even when I'm in 4H mode (Turn Assist mode can only be turned on when the truck is in 4L). It's not negatively affecting driving, but whenever I start it, it always shows "Turn Assist On" and the graphics show that I'm in 4L when I'm not.

I was under the impression that this kind of thing can be rectified with a firmware update, but I haven't been able to locate anything that indicates there is such a thing anywhere in the entire known universe. From reading the forum, I get the impression that Carobotor as a company is completely devoid of human brings, and I'm the only person on planet Earth with a Lander (sic) Cruiser 200 dash.

Perhaps is there anyone out there with a LC200 dash with this problem and knows how to make it go away?



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