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Fuel level problems 2011 v6 LC200

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I Installed the unit today and right out of the box there are issues.

1) the fuel level is absolutely inaccurate- it showed me empty tank and refuel warning right after installing it even though there was quarter tank left in the car. The funny part is I filled 35 liters which is just below half tank and the unit shows it’s full tank. I contacted support for carobotor and hopefully they will get back to me in their own sweet time god knows how long. Only saying because I’ve had many issues trying to get in touch with them after for resolving some issues. 

2) the oil temp gauge is always at high position and there is no setting to reset or calibrate anything. 

3) the levels for altimeter show different readings each time I switch on the car. And that is when the car is on a straight road. 

many more problems yet to come..

if someone has any quick solutions for the same problems please help me sort this out because of carobotor’s unprofessional behavior to reply back to customers when they feel like and don’t even give a proper solution even when they are online. 

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Hi Guys, 😀 

Seeing your description, I would like to confirm whether the vehicle type is set after your instrument is installed, because this will directly affect the accuracy of these data you said

The general steps are as follows:

Vehicle settings - > vehicle type - > type1


I don't know whether to solve the problems you encounter. I look forward to your reply

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