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Since there’s not even a topic on here to cover the 4runner, I guess I’ll place this here. I received my R Pro and installed it. When I synced it with the original cluster for my 2021 4runner, it synced, my miles as kilometers. When I went back and changed the settings to display miles, it now shows an incorrect number. Is there a way to fix this? Also, every time I drive, I get a check engine light. I’ve checked the code and it says fuel level sensor communication error. This happens every time. I have to reset it. Is there a fix? I’ve tried to contact you on Instagram messenger, WhatsApp, email and the form on this site. Can somebody please respond to me!! This is all after you sent me the wrong wires for my order. Thankfully, somebody responded to that and sent me the correct ones. I want to like this thing, but the juice is quickly becoming not worth the squeeze.

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Has your problem been solved? 😀 

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No. Still waiting for an update to address the fuel level sensor check engine light!!

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I am having the same problem I have been waiting for an update but they never sent it. @techsupport

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