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Fuel level and average economy

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I have recently purchased a unit directly from Carobotor for my 2017 y62.


First issue I have come across is the fuel gauge. It read below empty and only 60kms left on the range, and the tank only took 100L when I filled it.


Is the first full off? Does it learn and settle once it's been full? Or is my unit out of cal.


The next issue I may have is I cannot seem to reset the average fuel economy? Is this a bug or a feature? It would have made sense if it reset with the average speed.


There should also be more info pages. Who honestly uses average speed? 


And then, distance to empty? The cars info system doesn't seem to be working for distance to empty now?


Hopefully this forum is alive. If anyone has any info or experience please respond 


This has the potential to be so much better than it already is. Hopefully the developers see engagement here and maybe they'll implement some updates!



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