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Improved Features for YPro

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I recently purchased and installed a YPro in my Y62 Series 5 Patrol

I’m generally happy with the dash, but my main concern is with the car animation that takes up the centre of the display in “nismo” mode (the only mode practical for normal driving).

The centre animation looks good, but in my opinion is a waste of space.

It would be MUCH better if the centre animation was removed and replaced with information – for example, on the Nismo page in the centre of the speedo I can choose between digital speed display OR tyre pressures OR trip computer - why can't i have all this at the same time? There is space!

It would make much more sense to have all of that on screen and remove the animation – then there would be plenty of room for extra information.

Suggest adding it as an extra display screen. (standard NISMO can stay for those who like it, and then "new" NISMO screen without animation in centre AND with lots of extra information)

Is there anyone else on here who thinks this is a good idea?

If we can get all of the suggestions together, then we have more of a chance of getting improvements made!!

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