Carobotor J Pro Jeep wrangler dashboard (For Jeep wrangler JK 2011-2018)

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Instructions before purchase:
After you activated it, you can’t remove and install it to another Jeep .

new JK J Pro add-ons

Carobotor J Pro dashboard can fit all Jeep wrangler Jk 2011-2018 car models: Jeep Rubicon, Jeep Sahara and Jeep Sport. Carobotor J Pro is a unique and high quantity upgrade digital instrument cluster for Jeep wrangler. The Carobotor Digital Dash upgrades your Jeep factory digital dashboard to a fully functional digital version.


If your JK has the tire pressure sensors, Our J Pro can read and display it directly, don’t need to buy extra sensors;
If your JK doesn’t have the factory stock tire pressure sensors, you can have our TPMS to make it works.







Plug and play, you only need remove your factory dash and plug Carobotor J Pro. Everyone can finish it within 30 mins even you are not a technician.

You can have your own personal customize Carobotor digital instrument cluster for your Jeep wrangler JK, it can show your name, engine size, diesel or gas, auto or manual and other features. These make your Jeep unique.

*** We will NOT cover the warranty if you change the system to unofficial system.

J Pro digital dash 5 models can swift smoothly:

  • Highway model
  • Rock model
  • Mud model
  • Sand model
  • Snow model

Features and advantages of J Pro:

  1. The boot speed of carobotor Jeep wrangler digital dash is very fast, only 3 seconds. Benz is 6 seconds.
  2. All important driving date can be displayed in one interface. You can know your driving states easily
  3. Carobotor JK digital dash can show the Jeep wrangler 4-wheels drive operation directly.
  4. The crisp HD quality screen can upgrade your off-road driving experience.
  5. You can choose all measurement units by yourself, as RHD or LHD, MPH or KPH, PSI or BAR, KM or Miles etc.








1, All CaRobotor products have 2 years warranty.

2, Don’t support return after you activate and install it.

3, You have to pay the shipping fees and return shipping fees if you don’t open the box wtihin 5 days after receive it.

4, If you believe your package was damaged in shipping, we require that you contact us within 5 days of delivery, and we will work with you to quickly resolve the issue.

Please take a photo of the original packaging (including the package the order was shipped in) so we may follow up with our shipper if needed.
5, The limited warranty covers the original purchaser, and product must be purchased from an authorized Alpine dealer. Include your proof of purchase indicating that the product was purchased during the warranty period. Please keep your original receipt and send only a copy to us. 


36 reviews for Carobotor J Pro Jeep wrangler dashboard (For Jeep wrangler JK 2011-2018)

  1. Tanner geertsen

    easy install, it fit like a glove! settings all work and integrate with the car with no problems.

  2. shanshanli

    Thanks for your share, and you are the first customer have 3.8 2011 Jk.

  3. samawal (verified owner)

    plug and upgrade
    much better than stock dash with the modern look, amount of info displayed and terrain mods with Moore feature j pro diffintly a master piece for jk wrangler worth it.

  4. Jos

    Does this product apply to Wrangler JL Rubicon 2020 from SPAIN ?

  5. Kody Walker (verified owner)

    I Live in Austin, and ordered this in late may. Took about a week to arrive via DHL. It was pretty straightforwaRd on install. Adventuredex has an install video you can follow. This thing makes a huge difference, and really updates the whole instrument cluster. I’m pretty happy with this purchase so far. I’ll be getting the K1 to pair with it when it coMes out too.

  6. shanshanli

    Hope you like J Pro,

  7. shanshanli

    we are working on JL now

  8. Andrew Danen

    I have this product in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler UNlimited, the amount of information displayed and the AESTHETICS are top notch! Fit perfectly and had zero issues with the install! Can’t wait to pair it with the K1 you guys are working on!

  9. VictoR

    My jeep jk 2009 that Is god ?

  10. VictoR

    fits my 2009 jeep jk?

  11. carobotor (verified owner)

    Our 2007-2010 version will release sooner, wait for a few days.

  12. carobotor (verified owner)


  13. Paul Taufa

    hi does this feature work on the right hand side drive? And do you ship to australia ?

  14. carobotor (verified owner)

    Yes, we can ship it to Australia and it can work on RHD

  15. Sean

    Any release date for 07-10 jeep jk j-pro?

  16. Alberto tellez

    If i Select the 6.2ls option this would be plug AND play with the engine ecu?

  17. carobotor (verified owner)


  18. carobotor (verified owner)

    we will have 07-10 jk on Novenmber

  19. carobotor (verified owner)

    Will release it this month

  20. Ayanda

    does this fit the right-hand drive model from South Africa? 2012 JKU Sahara 3.6v6 Auto.

  21. carobotor (verified owner)

    Yes, it can

  22. Manny Ibarra

    Can you change the jeep JKU color? From white to bLaCk?

  23. carobotor (verified owner)

    Sorry, now we only have one color

  24. Dusty vicencio (verified owner)

    Awesome gauge cluster makes the jeep jk feel like 2020 jeep graphics are crisp responds quick and easy to navigate through

  25. Joseph

    I want to know if there is no gps or map in it (jpro)

  26. Pedro Da Silva (verified owner)

    Can I update to change colors on the display odometer gauges and Jeep colors.

  27. TamSahara (verified owner)

    I purchased the J Pro for a 2014 Sahara. I just now see the cables are crossed out in the pics for transfer. How do I transfer the mileage from old dash to new dash without the cables?

  28. Matteo

    I have a Wrangler jk 2012 Italia motor 2.8 CRD DIESEL, is compatible?

  29. carobotor (verified owner)

    Yes, it can

  30. carobotor (verified owner)


  31. Jim Hubbell

    I am interested in your dash, I am wondering if the backlighting for the dash has the option of a different color? (Ex. Blue)

  32. Ethan

    Will this work on Jeep Wrangler 2012 sport auto?

  33. Brad Kramer (verified owner)

    I just ordered one for my ’15 JK. Do you ever plan on adding the ability to customize the dash like colors for the gages and so on? I would really love to match the dash with my interior!! I think that would really push this thing over the top! Is that something possible with an update?

  34. Paige Brantley

    Is there going to be a 2020 and up version?

  35. Ivan Vazquez (verified owner)

    So far, so good! Just can’t figure out the music connection. Would be nice to know when there are updated too! Thanks

  36. Mark Shipley (verified owner)

    I had been wanting to update the dash on my 2011 Call Of Duty Black Ops for sometime now.
    When I saw Adventure Dex’s video on the J Pro, I knew I had to get one of those insanely great J Pros for my Rubicon!

    I installed it day before last and I am just blown away at the design and function of my J Pro.
    I showed it to my first cousin and he said it was just eye candy. When I demoed it to him he was very impressed and wanted one for his Ford truck.

    My wife told me it was no use to replace a functional dashboard and when she wanted to see what I had bought and installed, she couldn’t believe all the killer graphics and how well the software managed all the information that I would have to bought and install other instruments to get.

    I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to having the J Pro in my Jeep from here on out. It really makes all the difference in the world in an already 10 year old Jeep.

    If you have an older Jeep, get the J Pro! You’ll love it!

  37. Kew

    Hard Core Jeeper here, JK Unlimited. This is no doubt the best upgarde for your jeep. Almost 2 years and running great product always turning heads.

  38. Faisal

    Do you ship to saudi arabia

  39. Billy Thomas II (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough good things about this digital dash to make you want to purchase it the only thing I can tell you is in my opinion you’re a fool if you haven’t purchased it yet. Lol ! The details the color everything is great! Very easy to install updates are easy to install instructions are easy to understand.

  40. elena

    Poor customer service. Discount code ended so quick too.

  41. Mike

    I have recently had a bad experience with customer service, answered one time and not again after that. My wife had the same experience.

  42. Izzy

    I asked questions about this product on Instagram, emailed customer service, nothing. To think I was interested in wholesaling with this company in me and my father’s mechanic shop. Absolutely do NOT recommend to anyone else. You’ll probably have more luck on Ali express or some other website like that. At least you get a response and not left on seen

  43. abowie3110 (verified owner)

    Very nice product, installed in my 2013 Jeep JK 2D in about 30 minutes. Graphics are top notch !! Hugh upgrade over stock cluster. With this unit coolant temp, oil temp and pressure, transmission temp and BATT voltage are all displayed. These gauges individually would cost $$$. It’s not inexpensive but in my opinion it’s worth the price tag.

  44. Anonymous

    Customer service is terrible.

  45. Anonymous

    Sounds like all of the company is out of China and not Canada. They don’t answer the phones or respond to messanger.

  46. Anonymous

    I would like the products to work before they come.

  47. Chris

    The product cam defective and yet to receive a replacement.

  48. William Palmer

    I’m not sure there in business anymore

  49. Darryl (verified owner)

    The product is great, but the customer service is really bad. I had an issue with the compass not moving and cant reset it. I’ve managed to get 2 responses in several months, yet no answers to my questions and no solution. I just hope nothing major goes wrong as I seriously doubt i’ll get a reply. I’d hate to be a person that needs to send back or get a warranty replacement. I fee like the car would be going back to the standard dash or having none at all.
    Such a shame as the product is great, I dont know why the support is SO bad.

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